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From the founders of Agave & Rye comes Trashy Dawg - your go-to spot for the ultimate blend of comfort food and booze. Get to know us, our vision, and how we serve you the best of southern comfort in a whole new light.

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Welcome to our Journey

Our story starts with the founders of Agave & Rye, who decided to take their love for classic American comfort food to another level. They envisaged a new concept—a dining experience that was both classy and edgy, an adult playground that left foodies with unforgettable memories. And thus, Trashy Dawg was born!

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Our Trashy Pledge

Buckle up foodies! We're about to share our daring vision and our playful pledge - the core of our Trashy Dawg universe where comfort food, boozy treats, and unforgettable experiences collide!

Our Vision

At Trashy Dawg, we believe dining should be more than just eating—it should be an experience. Our vision was to create an environment that blended traditional southern comfort food with an adventurous, playful, and tech-friendly atmosphere. Our space, located in the beautiful The Bridge Street Mall, is a feast for the senses. With a pop playlist, suspended swing sets, oversized lounge areas, beautiful patio seating, and vibrant art and decor, we bring you a dining experience unlike any other.

Our Promise

At Trashy Dawg, we promise a dining adventure you'll want to revisit time and again. With our cutting-edge ordering technology, eclectic menu, and playful ambiance, we strive to make every visit a trashy, yet classy, adventure. So come on in, and let's get trashy!